ESOL offers comprehensive engineering solutions for special customer needs helping improve their efficiency and competitiveness. ESOLís offers engineering solutions for the following major industries for the water and wastewater requirements:

Municipal Water and Wastewater

ESOL offers services like pre-feasibility, feasibility studies, Detail project report, tendering, Basic and Detail engineering, project management, Operation and Maintenance services to our Municipal Clients.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

ESOL offers services like conceptual studies, basic and detail engineering project management and site support for the pharmaceutical & biotechnological industries.

Semiconductors, Power Sector, Food & Beverages

ESOL offers services for the industries covering selection of technology, preparation of pre-project studies report, tendering contract management and for water and wastewater treatment requirement.


ESOL offers services for the desalination plants covering process calculations, basic and detail engineering, technology and component selection, remineralisation. Site support including construction, erection, commissioning and operations & maintenance.